Hello!  I’m Marissa Renée, a self-taught Christian portrait artist who travels the United States full-time.  When I was young, my mother gave my sisters and me Friday-morning art lessons from a skinny yellow art book.  That sparked a love of art that has only grown over the years.  I started teaching myself art from Walter Foster art books and YouTube videos, and now I’m eager to share the skills that I learned with others.   I specialize in drawing human faces in charcoal, watercolor, pastel, and graphite.  The eyes that I draw are considered by many to be the most poignant aspect of my work, as I  strive to bring as much life, expression, soul, and detail into them and all the features I draw. 

When I’m not completing commissions or working on new compositions, I am also the background vocalist to my father, Christian contemporary musician Stephen Bautista.  I tour the United States with my parents, eight crazy brothers and sisters, dog, Holiday, and cat, Tuppence, in a thirty-three foot travel trailer.  To learn more about my adventures with my family, click here.

To view my work, please visit my art gallery.  If you like my work and are interested in having a portrait done of a loved one or pet, please contact me.  I look forward to working with you!


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