I currently offer three different medium options.  If you are interested in having a portrait commissioned, please take a look at the examples and descriptions provided and determine which would be best with the reference photo you have in mind.  If you would like my professional opinion, please contact me.  I am happy to help!


Charcoal allows me to work with a smudging technique and provides striking contrast because of the darkness of the charcoal.  It also allows me to incorporate more texture into the drawing than mediums such as graphite.  I use both black and white charcoal options.


Graphite works well for detailed work, such as up-close skin and water.  It has a feel similar to charcoal, but it does not get as dark and may appear shiny at some angles. Pairing this medium with charcoal is a good option for artwork that requires precision and contrast, such as portraits of animals.

Soft Pastel

Soft pastel creates a charcoal-like consistency rich color.  Because of its consistency, soft pastel is an excellent medium for capturing details and textures in a face and gives me the opportunity to capture minute aspects of the human face, such as individual hairs, more clearly than I can in oil pastel.